How Do Infrared Space Heaters Work?

Remember your science lessons in high school when you were first introduced to the idea of heat as a form of energy and wave. You might also want to recall what you know about infrared radiation and the concept of its invisibility because it is beyond the spectrum of what the human eye can see. This invisibility is at the heart of the matter.

The infrared heater radiates heat waves, which are absorbed by human body in the same manner it absorbs sunlight, which is also a combination of infrared and ultraviolet rays. The space infrared heaters radiate heat that warms objects and people in the space rather than heating the air like a convection heater.

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The Basic Heating Methodology

The basic concept of providing heat is inspired by the sun, which is a natural source of radiation. Imagine it like this: you are standing in the open on a sunny day and gradually start feeling warm because of the sun’s rays. If you step under a shade, you will not feel the warmth that you were experiencing in the open.

The infrared space heater also heats you if you are directly in front of it. Since it does not warm the air, the heat is dedicated and focused.

The Working Mechanism

Infrared space heaters are fueled by gas, propane or oil. The fuel is heated inside the heater and makes either a ceramic surface or a steel tube so hot that it starts radiating heat in the form of infrared radiations, which focus on an object or person in front of it.

Variation in the Working Methodology According to the Type

The working mechanism differs depending on the type of infrared space heater you have.

There are radiant tube heaters which are also called low-intensity tube heaters. Their working depends on the use of exhaust gases, which are spread inside the tube and acquire a temperature of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit that is considered low intensity. The tube or exchanger emits radiant energy, which warms all the people and objects in its path.

The electric infrared heater works with the help of coils which are made from metals that are highly resistant to electricity. When electric current passes through the coils, they become hot and start emitting infrared radiation in the shape of heat energy. Most often, the heating element used in an electric space heater is made of tungsten. It looks like a florescent bulb. There is a reflector behind the bulb, which directs heat into the room.

There is yet another type of infrared space heater, the high-intensity ceramic heater, which has a ceramic surface that reaches a temperature of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. These heaters require more clearance to combustible items, which means they should be placed at a safe distance from all combustible items in the room.

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How Do Some Heaters Work More Efficiently?

Do infrared heater effect on electric bill? We have gone through the working methodologies of various types of infrared space heaters, but you should know that some of them work more efficiently by generating more heat and consuming less energy. We will see how these models achieve more efficiency.

There are some models that work with high-velocity blowers and use advanced technologies to result in great savings for energy bills. For example, heaters that use dual-heating systems combining quartz and PTC provide more efficient and powerful radiation. Therefore, compared to a space heater that consumes comparable energy, the ones with dual-heating systems are able to generate up to 60% more heat.

How Infrared Heating Works

Furthermore, some models enhance their energy efficiency by increasing the number of heating elements used. For instance, a model that uses 6 superior wrapped infrared heating elements can generate 5100 BTUs, which is way more than its counterparts.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Infrared Heater?

Most people do whatever to reduce their energy bill in cold winter season. Although this is nearly impossible to reduce your energy usage when you have family in your home i.e, children and pets. They need to be warm the whole winter to avoid illness.

Instead of running your heating system and air conditioning unit, it is very efficient to run infrared heater in your home. These heater are capable of producing heater just like heat produce by sun.

There are many benefits of infrared heaters but the question is, are infrared heater energy efficient? How much it cost to run infrared heater?

The infrared heater only provide zone heating, mean it circulate heat throughout entire home unlike your heating system or air condition. These heater warm up large room very nicely. You wouldn’t be get rid of your HVAC unit when temperatures drop down into the 50s and 60s, then you can utilize it. Infrared heater are much energy efficient than HVAC unit.

Infrared heater recommended by many environmentalist when you heating up a specific area in your home. It can  reduce your energy bill by 30 to 50 percent. You can get instant heat with infrared heater, so there would be no waiting around.

To find out the precise costs, you need to take the wattage rating and multiply it by the amount charged by the energy company.

For example, if the wattage rating is 1500 (1.5 kilowatts) and the cost is 0.17 cents, it will cost you about 0.25 cents an hours to operate an infrared heater.

What Can a Radiant Infrared Heater Achieve?

We have described above that an infrared heater warms objects rather than air so that it can provide focused heat in a natural manner rather than warming and, thus, drying the entire air in the room. By working this way, a radiant heater achieves two very significant objectives:

  • The space heater works in a manner that the humidity of the room remains intact, which is desirable for improved health. By keeping humidity in the room, it provides immense benefits for people with allergies or asthma.
  • The other benefit of a radiant heater warming objects directly is enhanced efficiency. Since the air is not warmed, there is little loss of heat energy because in case of convection heating, the warm air can escape from the room through drafts and cracks.


The infrared heaters are able to provide you with maximum comfort for your money. They are the best choice among the array of space heaters because they can warm you directly rather than taking time to heat up the air. Thus, you get focused heat just like you obtain from the sun.

The working methodology of an infrared space heater is inspired by the sun as it radiates heat to objects in the most soothing manner without polluting the atmosphere. Its working mechanism has two-fold benefits of keeping the humidity of the room intact and preventing heat loss make it a great favorite of most people who want soothing warmth with optimum efficiency.

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