Most Energy-Efficient Space Heaters in 2023 | Buying Guide

Why do people prefer space heaters over a centralized heating system? The primary reasons are convenience and cost-effectiveness. After all, it makes no sense spending money unnecessarily when you require heating only for a limited space.

Besides being cost-efficient, space heaters take care of another great concern of every consumer, i.e., soaring utility bills. A wise consumer can keep their electricity bills from skyrocketing by choosing space heaters which are energy efficient.

When to buy space heater, the very important thing you should check is the heater is energy efficient or you just wasting your hard earned money on a heater that won’t last or fuse your entire home electricity or others reasons.

In this article, we are going to present reviews of some best energy-efficient space heaters. It would, however, be useful if we go through a generalized and basic know-how tour covering technologies used in space heaters, factors to consider before choosing an energy-efficient space heater and the efficient use of space heaters.

Most Energy Efficient Space Heater List

How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Space Heater

Choosing an appropriate space heater that is energy-efficient, safe and durable is quite a task because the market is flooded with scores of options with various features. It is, therefore, vital to show some degree of diligence and consider certain critical factors so that you end up purchasing the right product. We will describe certain factors which one needs to consider before making a final choice:

Space to Heat: Always choose a heater which is the right size for the space. Don’t go for oversized units in relation to your needs as it will result in wastage of money and heat.

Thermostatic Controls: Select a heater that has a thermostat. It can be used to turn off the heater once it reaches the desired temperature and, thus, conserve and save energy.

Condition of the Room: Consider the situation of your room before choosing the type of space heater you need. If the room is less insulated, a radiant heater would be a better choice. On the contrary, in a well-insulated room, a convection heater will perform well.

Select a Heater with a Timer: An efficient space heater will always be equipped with a timer. This will ensure that the space heater will be turned on only when you have set it to start to avoid unnecessary usage.

1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Heater Review

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This excellent space heater from Lasko offers convenience, safety and better coverage. The manufacturer has combined many advantageous features from its previous models in this product and has also made many valuable additions. With a 1500-watt tower heater and a remote control, this product offers warmth with great ease. It is capable of generating 5000 BTUs which is plenty of heat and can sufficiently warm an extra-large room. Let’s check out some other features of the device:

  • Dual heat settings: The heater is equipped with low and high heat settings, so it heats the room according to your requirement.
  • Electronic thermostat: This is a programmable thermostat that can be set at the desired temperature.
  • Elongated heating element: This element ensures wider area coverage much faster than other heaters. It provides more heat than other products in the same price range in a very short time.
  • Effective built-in timer: The timer can be set between 1 and 7 hours with 1-hour intervals.
  • Wider fan oscillation: The new oscillating mechanism with its innovative fan design allows you to evenly warm a room or space.
  • Automatic overheat protection: The heater is equipped with an auto overheat protection mechanism which adds a great safety measure. When the system senses a higher level of warmth than desired, it immediately turns off, avoiding overheating of the device.


The LASKO 751320 is an excellent portable space heater which provides steady warmth to users. Being a tower style heater, it can spread heat evenly to all the available space in the room. The features of timer, auto protection, long heating element and portability make it a great pick for those consumers who seek a heating source with comfort, safety and ease of operation.

2. Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

Dr. Infrared Portable Heater Review

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This high-quality space heater has been designed and engineered in the USA and has been tested in the laboratory. The device is capable of producing 60% more heat than competing products on account of its powerful and advanced heating system that offers great functionality and utmost safety. It is equipped with a high-efficiency blower that generates an average of 250°F at 3.5 m/s, which is much higher than others.

  • State-of-the-art technology: The infrared technology offers soothing heat instead of warming the air. This results in energy efficiency. Additionally, it saves users from cold and hot spots which occur in the case of convection heaters.
  • Super quiet: It has a blower so noiseless that one can’t even notice when the heater is on.
  • Built-in humidifier: The humidifier exudes moisture, which provides enough humidity to a room in the dry, cold winters.
  • Dual heating mechanism: This system ensures wide area coverage so that the entire area of a large room gets heated evenly. It combines PTC and quartz infrared elements that ensure great heating with reduced electricity bills.
  • Overheat and tip-over protection: The built-in 12-hour auto shut-off timer and safety shut-off prevent overheating and turns off the unit if it is tipped over.
  • Triple power settings: The device has three power settings, i.e., auto, low and high. In auto mode, the system selects an appropriate temperature for a room within the range of 50°F to 86°F. One can also set a high or low temperature manually.

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The Dr. Infrared is a great solution to all heating issues in chilly weather. Being more energy-efficient, safer and more convenient as compared to other heaters, the product is immensely popular among consumers. It warms objects and people in a room more quickly and evenly owing to its high-quality infrared technology.

3. Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK Maxwell Electric Stove with Heater

Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK Heater

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This heater-cum-stove adds charm and style to the ambience of any room owing to its antique design and luminous logs. This 1500-watt device can easily warm up an area of 400 square feet.

In order to avoid overheating, the system has a feature which shuts it off at any required level. Additionally, the flames can be controlled by increasing their luminosity or making them dim. Besides being energy-efficient, the heater is very safe for children and pets as its outer body does not warm up. Let’s check some of its key features:

  • Lightweight and portable: Its compact and lightweight construction makes it much easier to move it around. Hence, you can always move it closer to yourself.
  • Elegant design: The charming design of the heater with picture windows and arched frame grabs everybody’s attraction. It adds value to the décor of the room where it is placed.
  • Adjustable thermostat: You can always regulate the temperature and heat level according to your requirements with the help of this thermostat.
  • Overheating protection: This mechanism allows the system to be shut off when it gets overheated. This not only conserves energy but adds to the safety as well.
  • Great safety: With no exposed flames or hot stove surface, the heater is completely safe for pets and children. The built-in tip-over safety switch adds more safety.


This 4600 BTU heater is capable of providing heat to a room measuring 400 square feet. Its realistic-looking flame effect can be obtained both with and without heat and will show glowing logs and ember bed.

For safety measures, its overheating protection mechanism shuts the heater off when it senses that its surroundings are too hot. This increases the usage life of the heater and provides safety as well.

4. LifeSmart 6 Element Infrared Heater

LifeSmart 6 Element Infrared Heater

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This infrared heater effectively warms large rooms within minutes. You can enjoy instant warmth after switching it on and will be actually astonished by its fascinating performance. The stylish finish enables the product to match with any décor. Manufactured and designed by one of the most trusted global smart home companies, this heater has gained fabulous popularity among households. Let’s have a tour of its astonishing features:

  • Safety: The manufacturers have designed this product with a special focus on safety. This ETL safety certified heater provides protection without compromising on the warmth generated or any other quality.
  • 6 elements: Unlike many competing products, this heater has not one but six elements which together generate 5000 BTUs of heat. This makes it capable of warming big rooms and wide spaces instantly.
  • Aesthetic design: Its sleek and elegant design makes it a favorite pick for every household because it adds to the ambience and décor of any room. The display panels have a black contrast and enhance the grandeur of the room where this heater is placed.
  • Digital controls: These controls are nice as they allow great customization and effective control over the temperature of the room. The digital display also shows the current status of room temperature.
  • Multiple heat settings: It allows flexibility to users because of three different heat settings. From a lower 500-watt economy setting to a moderate 750 watts and a main setting of 1500 watts, the heater provides ample opportunity for reducing energy bills and customizing the comfort level.


Overall, this is a pretty solid product which generates an enormous amount of heat swiftly and covers wider areas than other products. The stylish design, effective safety and better controls make it a must-have item for every household. It surely offers an improved heating experience.

5. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy Propane Radiant Heater

Mr. Heater F232000 Propane Heater Review

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This portable propane heater is the most popular heating product across North America for being a comprehensive solution for large tents and enclosed spaces measuring up to 225 square feet. Capable of generating 4000 to 9000 BTUs in one hour, this is the most sought-after heater. Some other key features are given below:

  • Portable and lightweight: It is small and lightweight and, thus, can be carried easily. This is one reason why it can be used for many places like tents, workshops, patio, garages and cabins.
  • Easy to use: It is very easy to operate. To light it up, all you have to do is rotate the knob and push. The rest of the job will be done by the Piezo sparking mechanism.
  • Safety: The manufacturers have tried their level best to make it a safe product. The system is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) as well as a tip-over safety shut-off.
  • Energy efficiency: The customized use of heat according to cold intensity makes it an energy-efficient heater. On very cold days, the heat can be set to 9000 BTUs, while on days which are not so cold, the heater can be set to run on 4000 BTUs which helps save a lot of energy and related expenses.

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A great money-saving choice and a good source for supplemental heating requirements, the Mr. Heater F232000 is excellent heating source for both outdoor and indoor heating needs. Care has been taken to make it a safe, convenient and durable product. It is lightweight and small but offers a lot of heat which can reach up to 9000 BTUs.

6. DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater

DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater Review

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This stylish and sleek mica panel heater from DeLonghi serves as a great heating device which is perfect for any décor. It goes well with all space sizes as well. Its slim design and wall-mountable option make it a perfect fit for any room in your house or office. The caster wheels and handle make it an easily portable unit. Let’s check out some other amazing features that this heater presents:

  • Thermal cut-off feature: This feature enables the device to shut off when it gets overheated, making it a highly safe product, especially for pets and children.
  • Adjustable thermostat: It allows users to control the room temperature according to their needs.
  • Two heat settings: This is a feature which helps users obtain customized heat output. One can conveniently choose either a high heat setting of 1500 watts or a low one of 750 watts and enjoy the desired comfort.
  • Save space: Since it is wall-mountable and has a lightweight construction, it suits all users who live in small apartments or are short on space.
  • Micathermic technology: This technology ensures consistent, noiseless and efficient heat is provided to the entire room.
  • Super quiet: Since the unit does not have a fan, it is a virtually noiseless heater and, thus, provides extreme comfort to users.
  • Great safety: As there is no open flame and propane leakage, the heater is incredibly safe. The front panel does not burn the skin if touched.


When it comes to safety and quietness of operation, the DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater stands out and is unrivalled. The system does not overheat owing to the adjustable thermostat and thermal cut-off features. Being easily mountable on a wall, the heater is a great space-saving product and ideal for users with limited space.

7. Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater

Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Fan Heater Review

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This is an extremely efficient space heater with a unique capability of directing focused jet air to a long and wide range. As a result, this heater supplies even and consistent heat. Owing to its Air Multiplier technology, it generates a powerful and uninterrupted airflow to the room. Some other amazing properties and features of this excellent heater are listed below:

  • Energy efficient: It is equipped with an intelligent thermostat which maintains the desired room temperature and saves energy from being wasted.
  • Uninterrupted air flow: The system runs on Air Multiplier technology, which provides a powerful stream of air throughout the room. A steadier flow of air provides extreme comfort to users.
  • Wide and long range coverage: In diffused mode, the heater projects air in a wide and long range to ensure a powerful and quick airflow which instantly spreads across the space. Its air distribution around a wide and lengthy room is, therefore, amazingly superior from all other heaters.
  • Safety: This product is known for its excellent safety provisions. Since it does not have any exposed heating elements and there are no fast spinning blades, it is highly safe in general and for children and pets in particular.
  • Year-round performance: This product shows its usefulness for both winters and summers. In hot weather, it cools effectively and in winter, it provides soothing heat steadily and consistently.

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This excellent product is multi-functional as it works efficiently in hot and cold weather by providing cool and hot airflow respectively. This feature makes it a great favorite for prospective buyers. It excels among all competing products because of its effective safety, long-range airflow and superior energy efficiency in comparison to others.

8. Stiebel Eltron 074058 Electric Fan Heater

Stiebel Eltron Fan Heater Review

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This German surface-mount space heater is a classy source of quality heating. It is an ideal pick for bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways and provides standalone as well as supplemental heat. Experts and customers have described this unit to be most suitable for use in small spaces.

Having an elegant wall-mount design, excellent overheating mechanism and super-quiet operation, this product is extremely popular. Let’s take a glimpse at its other useful features:

  • Quality construction: The heater is made by a German manufacturer who has an experience of more than 90 years in this field. Its quality manufacturing ensures durability, performance and ease of operation.
  • Temperature control: A built-in thermostat maintains the room temperature within the range of 41 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the heater can be connected through a wire with a centralized wall-mounted thermostat for greater flexibility.
  • Quiet operation: The squirrel cage-type blowers made with galvanized steel operates at 49.7 dB(a) and provides an ultra-quiet operation without any disruption.
  • Down-draft design for even heating: Based on a mechanism through which it pulls cool air from the top and blows warm air toward the bottom, the heater ensures that even heating is supplied to the entire room steadily.
  • Saves space: This compact unit is wall mounted and saves floor space unlike conventional heaters.


The European surface-mount design heater is a result of excellent German engineering and is very popular for its reliable performance, quiet operation, better temperature management and convenient operation. It proves to be a great choice not only as a heating resource but for energy efficiency.

The down-draft heating mechanism is great boon of this product as unlike most other models, this unit first warms the floor area and as the heat rises, it results in a consistent and even flow of heat through the entire room.

9. Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate Heater

Lifesmart Corp Energy Efficient heater

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This heater has gained enormous popularity owing to its high-quality design and amazing heating capability. Nearly all product reviews by experts and customers alike give it high ratings, and it is included in almost all lists of top heaters.

It covers a fairly large area measuring up to 1800 square feet. Besides a wide coverage, its energy-saving feature is a great bonus for all budget-conscious customers. Some other outstanding features that help it excel are listed below:

  • Serves extra-large rooms: This is a great supplemental heat source for an extra-large room measuring 1800 square feet.
  • Energy-saving settings: The heater is equipped with 3 energy-saving settings. The Eco setting heats smaller areas to 68 degrees and balances energy usage.
  • Stylish design: The heater is surrounded by a cabinet made from oakwood that gives a soft feel.
  • 12-hour timer: This timer provides liberty to users because they can set timers according to their own preferences. They can turn the heater on or off within a period of 12 hours. One can avoid waiting unnecessarily for the heater to start up because your settings ensure that you get a warm room when you come back home.
  • Air filter: The manufacturers have incorporated a lifetime air filter in this heater, which is removable and cleanable.
  • Remote control: The remote allows you to control the temperature from afar.


This revolutionary heater is an excellent heating source for extra-large rooms. It operates with innovative technology based on 8 elements wrapped in a metal heat exchanger coil. The stylish and elegant design of the oakwood cabinet gives the heater decorative value with great softness to touch. Above all, the heater is an extremely energy-efficient device.

10. Lasko 6405 Designer Series Ceramic Heater

Best Designer Heater For Lounge

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With a compact size, the Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Heater comes with an excellent performance. Its portability is what makes it so useful to use at homes. It comes with a digital display, which gives ease of use, and gives great control of temperature to the consumer.

  • Decorative design: This heater very efficiently complements the décor with its stunning and detailed framework. It can be easily mistaken for a showpiece. The ceramic heating element helps enhance its efficiency.
  • Portability: As it is very lightweight, it is very easy to carry around the house and, hence, can be used in place of a central heating system.
  • Temperature control: Users are given a range of temperatures from 60°F to 85°F to choose from. The temperature is also easy to read thanks to the LED.
  • Timer: You can even preset the time you wish the heater to run for by setting the thermostat. The minimum duration for which you can time it is one hour with one-hour intervals for up to seven hours.
  • Built-in safety features: It is intelligently programmed to prevent any overheating from occurring when it runs for a long time. Hence, the exterior will always be cool to touch.
  • Needs no assembly: Unlike many other space heaters, this one requires no manuals to be read to assemble the heater. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in, set the thermostat to your preferred temperature and enjoy the warm air.

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This convenient heater by Lasko is a combination of beauty and brains. It is equipped with the latest technology like a remote control and will be a great partner for all those unbearably chilly winters.

Technologies Used in Space Heaters

Space heaters can broadly be classified into the following categories based on their underlying technologies.

Convection Heaters

These heaters circulate warm air through the room. The hot air carries heat and rises in the room, while the cool air moves toward the floor, where it is heated by the heater. This mechanism is called convection. These heaters come both with and without a fan. Electricity is passed through a heating element, which is made either from metal or ceramic. The ceramic disc does not get too hot and is, therefore, suitable for houses with kids because it does not harm even if touched.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters provide instant warmth to the objects and people placed in close proximity. These heaters are suitable for people who remain in one place for long durations. Hence, they can be appropriate for bedrooms where people rest on bed and do not move from one place to another.

Due to their property of providing heat to only a certain spot, these are considered suitable for those who work in large areas where the overall atmosphere is cold and the user desires to have focused warmth for himself.

Micathermic Heaters

This technology is a combination of both radiant and convection heating mechanism. Like convection heaters, micathermic heaters also have a heating element, but that is made up of mica which generates electromagnetic waves after being hot. These electromagnetic radiations warm objects by providing radiant heat. Micathermic heaters can warm large areas of space swiftly without using fans. This characteristic makes these heaters extremely popular.

Which Heating Method Should You Use?

There are various heating methods used in space heaters. It is highly advisable for all prospective customers to have a better understanding of them and understand the main difference among them. This is vital in order to cope with their specific requirement. Here, we will present some useful information about the three most popular heating methods:


Infrared heat is radiant and warms objects unlike others that heat the air. It heats surfaces and does not make air rise toward the ceiling like conventional heaters. This method does not remove moisture from the air, so humidity remains in the room. It is useful for warming small and localized spaces.


This system uses a semi-conductor PTC ceramic, which decreases the power if the temperature reaches a certain point. This makes it a self-regulating heating mechanism. The heaters using this system are safer and more energy-efficient. They are quite beneficial if you need to heat a large area.


This heating system uses a heating element like traditional convection heaters. Surrounding this element is a stone material called mica. Many layers of this material are wrapped in sheets around the heating element. When mica is heated to a certain level, it starts emitting electromagnetic waves, which warm up the room quickly.

Since micathermic heating is a combination of radiant and convection heating methodologies, it is relatively more efficient.

Buying Guide for Energy Efficient Space Heaters

As the cold season starts, the worries about soaring energy bills increase. Isn’t it better that we educate ourselves on how to buy an energy-efficient and effective space heater that combines quality, safety and ease of operation instead of worrying about paying expensive bills?

These are the factors you need to consider while buying a space heater for your home or office:

The Space to Be Heated

Identify the needs of your space. The selection of the right heater will mostly depend on it. If you need to heat only a small area or just one or two people, you should look for one that deals with spot heating. Otherwise, search for large heaters with great heat generating capacity. The best options available in the market are capable of heating a large room within 15 minutes.

The space plays such a crucial role in selecting a space heater that often, a wrong estimation or no space assessment beforehand would result in the wrong selection, which is sheer waste of money. If you choose a much more powerful space heater than required, you might have to open the windows and doors to get the right temperature. Similarly, an insufficient heater according to the area will have to be kept on for a longer duration, which will result in wastage of energy.

Types of Space Heaters

Before buying a space heater, one must know what types of space heaters are available in the market. Broadly speaking, the following types of heaters will be available:

Personal Heaters

These heaters serve small spaces and are suitable for only a few people. They may warm a small space within 10 minutes. They may be placed either on the floor or on a table.

Room Heaters

These can easily be placed in the corner of a room and generally come with a fan. The fan spreads the warm air throughout the room in order to make it properly heated.

Portable Space Heaters

These heaters can be moved from one room to another and can be carried out of the house or office. These are generally small and handy. Some units can run on gas as well for places where electricity outlets are not available.

Safety Features

The safety aspect of a heater is very important to look at. A vigilant customer should always look for a model that has been certified to meet the safety standards. Safety features like auto shut-off, cool-to-touch surfaces and overheating protection mechanism are some features provided by manufacturers to make their products safer.

Energy Efficiency

This is an important aspect for everyone who intends to purchase a space heater. For selecting a heater that is energy-efficient, one needs to check whether energy-saving modes and adjustable thermostats are available. Additionally, one should always look for models with low wattage and timers as they facilitate in saving cost.

How to Use Your Heating System Efficiently

Use Heating System Efficiently

For efficiently using your heating system, certain factors need due consideration. We will discuss them below:

Decide Your Heating Method: Make a decision about whether you need heating in many rooms or in a single room. In case you opt for the latter, you must turn off the central heating system. In this way, your energy bill will be slashed because you will pay only for one room instead of the entire home.

Control the Heating: If you are using a centralized system, you can fit certain heating controls in the main system. You may also purchase space heaters that come with built-in energy-saving controls. The prominent controlling parts include a timer, thermostat and auto shut-off mechanism, which are very commonly used by space heater manufacturers.

The most recent addition to enhance energy efficiency is the concept of smart heating, which allows users to control the room temperature through a mobile app.

Insulation: Keeping your house insulated reduces the chances of heat escaping and reduces loss of energy. For better insulation, you can install double-glazed windows because windows with single panes tend to lose more heat as it easily escapes outside.

Schedule Your Heating: You should have a proper heating schedule. If you are out of the house, the heating system must be kept off. The system should be on when you are preparing to go to the office, taking a rest, etc. A timer facilitates you in programming your heating requirements and avoiding any energy waste.

Energy-Saving Tips

A high efficiency heater will let you save energy and cost less to run. By choosing the right heater that fit you need, for room size medium or large or heater for bathroom that use the right amount of energy and not more that cost you pay more energy bill.

How To Select Heater

The ever-increasing electricity and fuel charges pose a real challenge for every space heater user due to the escalating energy bills. It is, therefore, vital to know how you can use these heaters in a more energy efficient manner.

Here’s how to save energy while using space heaters:

1. Keep Your House Properly Insulated

A room that is adequately insulated will not let the heat escape, so the heater will not have to overwork. The simple method of insulation is to place plastic sheets over windows and have doors with weather stripping in rooms.

2. Keep the Main Temperature of Your Home Low

You should turn down the central heating system if you intend to use a space heater in one room of the house.

3. Use Space Heaters with Thermostats

For energy-efficient use, you must choose space heaters with thermostats and keep them at the lowest setting. Set the thermostat to high when you are home and turn it down or off when you are out or while you are sleeping.

4. Make Your Room Draft-Proof

Draft in a room allows outside air in and results in heat loss. You should seal all the cracks and gaps in the walls and ceilings. This will result in a reduction of heat loss by up to 10%.

5. Weather Strip Doors and Windows

Apply weather stripping on the doors where two surfaces join each other. It not only reduces air infiltration but also stops dust from entering. For steel doors and windows, magnetic weather stripping is the best option.

Tips for Positioning Heaters

Tips for positioning heater

The proper positioning of the space heater is a critical factor in determining the heat delivery with efficiency. Users must keep certain points in mind for the proper placement of their space heaters.

1. Avoid Placing the Heater Close to Furniture: If you place a heater near or facing your furniture, its heat distribution in the room might be obstructed.

2. It Under the Window: By placing a space heater under the window, it can warm up the cold air coming in and get rid of cold currents along the floor.

3. Don’t Place Outdoor Space Heaters Close to Windows: Placing outdoor space heaters close to windows and doors will result in an inflow of toxic gases inside the house.

4. Place Fan Heaters with Enough Space on Both Sides: If you want to place a fan heater, always leave plenty of space on both sides. If you do not, the blockage of air will result in overheating.

5. All Heating Devices Need Buffer Zones: All heaters, especially the portable ones, need to be placed with a buffer zone of 3 feet. This is because when these heaters work at full power, the areas surrounding them become too hot and children or pets might get burns or injuries.

Tips for Safe Operation

Safety is the prime concern of every space heater user. While you should always buy a heater with safety certification from a competent authority, there are other measures as well which facilitate safe operation. Some useful tips are given below:

1. Avoid Using an Extension Cord: Do not use an extension cord because they increase the risk of overheating and fires. Plug in the heater directly into an outlet with adequate power capacity.

2. Shut Off the Heater If Not in Use: Always unplug or shut off the heater when heating is not required or you go out. The better options are heaters with timers and auto shut-off mechanism.

3. Regular Maintenance: Frequent cleaning, regular maintenance and periodic inspection by a technician are useful measures that help keep your heater safe.

4. Proper Placement: From a safety point of view, all heaters must be placed 3 feet away from all items that can burn like papers or clothes. Also, place them on level and flat surfaces and do not put them on carpets, tables or any other furniture because they can be burned if the heater gets overheated.

5. Follow the Safety Guidelines in the Instruction Manual: Always read the manual for instructions provided by the manufacturer and practice all safety measures described therein.

How to Make Your Own Home More Heat-Efficient?

Heat efficiency is all about a better relationship between the heat released by the heating device and the heat actually received by the space. There are always certain leakages, which impact the heat efficiency negatively. There are certain measures which facilitate in improving this relationship. The following checkpoints may help you in this regard:

1. Clean Your Heater Regularly: The proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the body along with dusting the fans and fins will definitely improve the performance of the heater.

2. Reflect Heat Waves: The heat waves are just like light and reflect the same way. Thus, place foils on the back and side walls so that the heat may be reflected and dispersed to the entire room. In this way, a large room may be properly heated in a short span of time.

3. Hang Curtains: Hang curtains in order to provide extra insulation to the room so that heat may not escape.

4. Seal the Cracks: Every room can have improved heating if the cracks and leakages are sealed by weather stripping doors or installing rubber seals.

How Much Does it Cost to Run 1500 watt Space Heater Per Day?

A thousand watt is equal to 1 kilowatt, so 1500 watt is equal to 1.5 kilowatts. This mean for each hour the space heater running it consume 1.5 kWh of electricity, which cost about 16 cents.


Throughout this article, we have tried to simplify your endeavor of finding the right energy-efficient space heater. Space heaters are a great comfort in chilly weather when everybody needs supplemental heat.

There are a variety of heaters available in the market with various heating capacities and functionalities. A wise and prudent buyer, therefore, must know the difference in technologies and their implementation as well as various functions in order to purchase the right unit for their specific requirements.

Energy efficiency is the foremost concern of every household when it comes to having a space heater. In this regard, it is not only important to select a unit which helps save energy with its mechanism and relevant controls, but it is also necessary that users have a better understanding of the measures required to maximize energy efficiency.

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