Best Bathroom Heaters in 2023 [Buying Guide]

How does it feel when you wake up fresh in the morning, come out of your warm blanket and step in a cold bathroom? Don’t you want to skip a bath because the tiles send a shivering sensation all through your body? If you relate to this, you definitely need a bathroom heater.

Best Bathroom Heaters

Bathroom heaters are in abundance in the market. They come in various shapes, models and designs. Each one is unique. It, therefore, becomes quite a task to select one which suits your requirements the most. We have simplified this task and found out some of the best products.

However, before proceeding any further and actually starting the product tour, it is important to get an understanding of some fundamental aspects. We are hopeful that the following information will enable you to pick the most appropriate bathroom heater so that you don’t have any post-purchase regrets.

The buying guide will help you to buy the best bathroom heaters among all heaters. The heaters we recommended here are most economical, energy efficient and will have big impact on your wallet to pay less heating bill. Our bathroom heater reviews will have something that convince you to buy these appliances, bathroom wall heaters, bathroom portable heaters and bathroom ceiling heaters and why you need in your home.

Bathroom Heaters Review List

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1. Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

Energy Efficient Bathroom Heater

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This Lasko ceramic heater is the perfect unit to keep your chilly bathroom warm. It is equipped with many high-end features that provide convenient operation, safety and energy efficiency besides effective control over the level of heat. Its built-in safety features add great value to this product and contribute to its widespread popularity. Its space-saving design and simple touch controls make it a definite pick for all prospective buyers who look for a reliable and consistent heating resource for their bathrooms. Let’s check out some outstanding features of this product:

Safety Features: The unit is equipped with effective safety features like overheat protection and cool touch exterior. The unit also comes with an ALCI safety plug, which is a perfectly safe accessory that turns off the unit if there is a gap between the input and output heat.

Compact Design Fits In with Every Décor: It has a sleek and compact design that suits small spaces in offices and studio apartments. The design is so appealing that it enhances the décor.

Easy Operation: The unit comes fully assembled. All one has to do is to unpack the product, plug into an outlet and enjoy the soothing heat.

Dual Heat Settings with a 1-Hour Timer: Two heat settings have been incorporated in this product, which allow the users to set either low or high heat. These are very simple touch controls which provide preferential heating. The 1-hour auto-off functionality is yet another feature that adds to the customer’s comfort.


This fully assembled, ready-to-use unit is a great heating comfort for all small bathrooms in homes, apartments and offices. Its 1500 watts of soothing heat is capable of warming a chilly bathroom instantly. Overall, it is safe and convenient to use.

2. Stiebel Eltron 074058 Heater

Best Wall Mounted Heater 2019

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Its quality construction, sleek and stylish design and reliable performance distinguish this product from others and make it a popular unit. The German firm which manufactured it has been in the heating appliance business since 1924. Hence, it bears a rich engineering experience in its design and is equipped with top-of-the-line features.

It is the perfect device for a small space and serves excellently as a standalone heating resource. It can also be used as a supplemental heating device in a house with a central heating system but needs further heat. It has some other astonishing features as well which help it excel. Let’s have a tour of some of these useful characteristics:

Ultra-Quiet Operation: This heater is made with galvanized steel and is equipped with squirrel cage type blowers that operate at 49.7 dB, an astonishingly quiet level. This makes the unit a super-quiet device. All customer reviews mention this as a very comforting feature.

Well-Built and Appealing Design: This heater is a very durable product on account of its high-quality material and solid wires. At the same time, its elegant design makes it an aesthetically pleasing product that adds to the décor of every room.

Temperature Control: The thermostat of this unit provides optimal control and can set the temperature from 41 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides this precise control, this heater can be wired to an existing wall-mounted thermostat.

Even Heating Through a Downdraft Mechanism: This mechanism pushes warm air downward and pulls cool air in order to provide steady heat to a room.


The wall-mounted design of this quality Stiebel Eltron heater makes it a fantastic heating device not only for bathrooms but for kitchen and hallways as well. Its quiet operation ensures that users don’t have to sacrifice their sleep for warmth.

3. Broan 174 Wall Heater

Best Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater

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This robust and durable bathroom heater is an excellent option for those who want heating for small spaces for a short period of time without going through a difficult installation process for costly heaters. The heater presents an array of high-end features with optimal benefits.

It stands out among all competing products due to its energy efficiency. While the unit is compact, it is a complete package of marvelous performance with high-grade ventilation. The high-quality alloy heating element ensures that the whole bathroom is heated quickly once the heater is turned on. It keeps the bathroom feeling cozy and nice without occupying too much space.

Durable: The 20-gauge heavy-duty steel is responsible for its excellently solid construction, making the unit highly durable. The clean, baked and enamel finish adds to the durability of the product.

Desired Temperature Control: The front-mounted adjustable thermostat automatically maintains the desired temperature level.

Easy Power Conversion: The factory wired system easily converts the system to 1500 watts or 750 watts at 120 VAC.

Easy Cleaning: This Broan wall heater can easily be removed from its housing for cleaning. The whole assembly of this heater comes out of the housing very easily for cleaning purposes.

Easy Servicing: The motor of this heater is permanently lubricated so that no additional servicing cost is required.

Efficient Heating Element: The 100% heating alloy element is so efficient that it provides heat in seconds. The element configuration is zig-zag in shape and has a coating of mica stone.


This Broan 174 Wall Heater is simply excellent at providing soothing heat to small spaces for short periods. It serves bathrooms and dressing rooms so well that customers have become its ardent fans. Its performance is marvelous for saving energy, instantly warming and durability.

4. Broan Model 157 Low-Profile Ceiling Heater

Best Ceiling Bathroom Heater

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Are you searching for a simple yet safe and efficient bathroom heater? If yes, the Broan 157 is a great choice for you. Since it uses radiation technology for heat transfer, it readily distributes warmth across the length and breadth of a room.

This is reliable and highly energy efficient. With its permanently lubricated motor, it provides consistent performance for years. No maintenance is required because of the permanent lubrication of its motor. The experts recommend this heater for a secondary source of heating.

Minimum Maintenance: The motor is kept permanently lubricated, which indicates that this unit does not need frequent maintenance.

Auto Overheating Protection: The auto shut-off mechanism which activates in case of overheating is an excellent safety measure because it prevents the unit from overheating. Consequently, the ceiling does not become exceedingly hot.

Easy to Clean: Periodic cleaning of this unit is very easy because the assembly of this unit comes out completely from its housing.

Effective Heat Control: The built-in thermostat can be operated with the help of a knob, and you can achieve the desired level of heat.

Safe Operation: This is a UL certified heater and is, thus, highly safe. The overheating protection mechanism incorporated into the heater is yet another safety measure, which ensures that risks are mitigated.

Easy Installation: The installation of this heater is quite easy because it mounts easily on a standard 3-1/2- or 4-inch round ceiling electrical box. It can also be mounted easily on a 4-inch octagonal ceiling box. Thus, you have a choice in how to install the heater.


This heater is a combination of easy installation, easy operation and great safety. Free from hassles of periodic maintenance, the unit operates consistently in a smooth manner.

5. Delta Electronics RAD80L BreezRadiance 80 CFM Heater/Fan/Light

Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

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This ceiling mount fan/heater has become immensely popular owing to its high durability and consistent performance. Its unique features include two AC condensers for a long life and a durable 10.5-watt steal sheathed element for instant warming with energy efficiency rating of 7.6 CFM per Watt.

The unit has another remarkable feature of ventilating an entire house and eliminating all bad odors. The manufacturers have equipped it with a blower wheel, which sucks in air from both sides. The high-quality material used in its construction makes it a durable product.

There are various amazing features which make this product stand out. We will discuss some of these below:

Quality Heating Element: The heating element used in this heater is made from chrome wires reinforced with magnesium oxide. This gives the element superb strength to spread heat around a room more efficiently than all other competing products.

These wires provide extra insulation in case of overheating and provide greater safety from excessive heating hazards.

Permanently Lubricated Motor: As its motor is permanently lubricated, it ensures a trouble-free operation for many years. It also frees the users from the hassles of maintain it periodically.

Fan Performance Is Outstanding: The fan heater is very easy to install. It also uses less energy than all other fans used in competing products. It is capable of blowing large volumes of air. The quality of material used in the construction of the fan is very high quality, so the fan is durable without any chances of motor failure.


The state-of-the-art technology and high quality of engineering have given rise to this Delta Electronics heater, which is energy-efficient and safe. It has the capability to warm a chilly bathroom quickly and making the room comfortable.

6. Cadet CEC163TW Energy Plus Wall Heater

Best Energy Efficient Wall Heater

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The Cadet CEC163TW Wall Heater is a smart choice for energy efficiency, temperature control and comfort. This great heating device is easy to install and safe to operate. This American and ETL-listed heater is a unique manifestation of great engineering which is popular because of the amazing and high-end features it possesses.

It can easily be used to upgrade old heaters by using the same wall and does not require a wall patchwork or any additional cuts. It offers multiple power levels at 1000 watts, 1500 watts and 1600 watts.

It offers soothing heat and comfort with a highly precise temperature control to give a consistently good performance during the entire heating session. The auto-adjusting fan speed saves you from wide temperature swings as well. Besides these, the unit offers many features which enhance its performance and add real value to it. Let’s explore some of these features:

Unique Power Supply Sensor: The unit is equipped with a smart power supply sensor, which automatically adjusts the power supply according to your requirement. It is a great feature because it frees you from worrying about the voltage required and the likely damages high voltages can cause to the heater.

Digital Thermostat: The on-board digital thermostat of this heater gives excellent temperature control owing to the digital display and a simple push-button operation.

Pre-Setting the Temperature: The Night or Away preset buttons let you fix the desired temperature for nights or when you are away from the room. Thus, you can get the exact temperature you want without fiddling with the thermostat every time.

Quiet Operation: The super-quiet fan is free from any noise and offers a calm and peaceful resting experience to the users.


Overall, the product is amazing because it offers great controls, self-power adjustment functionality and high comfort. The product excels among all competitors and has achieved customer attention owing to the top-of-the-line features.

7. King Electric PAW2422 Wall Heater

Best Heater For Large Room Area

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The King Electric PAW2422 is an excellent electric wall fan heater which gives users comfort and peace of mind because of the high-quality features it provides. It can easily be positioned anywhere in a bedroom or living room. The company which manufactures it has been in the field of heating appliances for the last 60 years. Therefore, the experience which went in its construction has resulted in its quality performance.

Users get to experience great temperature control and reduced energy costs while using this heater. The multiple-wattage option is a great gift from the manufacturers as you can tailor the heater’s performance to your specific requirements. The high-mass steel element offers top-of-the-line performance for longer timespans of time. Let’s have a look at some astonishing features of the PAW2422:

Long Life: The steel fin makes sure that the heater performs well consistently and is primarily responsible for the durability that this product is famous for.

Supplemental and Primary Heating Source: This heating device is often used as the primary heating source for apartments and homes. However, in offices and commercial applications, it is also successfully used as a supplemental heating source.

Safe Operation: The US-patented Smart Limit Protection automatically turns off the heater in case of an abnormal event. Thus, it is a great safety measure incorporated into the system.

Multiple Power Options for Great Customization: Everybody has different needs, and a heater is no exception to this desire. The PAW2422 does this by offering great flexibility to users in choosing from multiple wattages.


This excellent heating device is equipped with quality features. The heater can be set up quickly, and its installation is very easy. The other important reasons for customers to select this device are a super-quiet fan, multiple wattage options and superior material that is responsible for its durability.

8. EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel

Best Panel Heater For Home

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This space heater is famous for its energy efficiency because it uses 1/3rd less energy than all conventional heaters. Ideal for a 200 sq. ft. room, the heater uses a unique heat resistant technology, which is responsible for quickly heating the space.

The heater is also known for its therapeutic values for asthma and allergies. These benefits result from the fact that the heater does not eliminate moisture from the room and does not spread dust.

This upgraded heater is triple-reinforced for electrical safety and is highly insulated. It ensures a consistent heat supply across the room because of its improved heating methodology. It can be painted with a no-odor color using water paint in order to match it with the ambience and décor of a room.

Reduces the Cost of Heating by Up To 50%: Its great ability to save energy is such an amazing feature of this product that everybody is compelled to become its fan. It uses less electric power as compared to other products, making its purchase a smart move.

Adjustable Plug-In Thermostat: This feature allows great control over the temperature. You can select a temperature in the range of 41 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat-Resistant Technology: This product uses a unique heating method which involves both convection and radiant heating methods. The heater provides safe and consistent heat to the entire room in the quickest manner.


This Wall Mount Space Panel Heater is a great energy-saving device. This feature alone has resulted in its enormous popularity. There are other features as well which give it a distinctive edge over others. Its sleek and stylish design also makes it a perfect match with any room décor.

Features to Consider Before Buying Heater for Your Bathroom

Certain factors are critical to look for before making the final purchase. Some of these are as follows:


Electricity and water are not friendly at all, and their combination is full of hazards for the user. Hence, the first and foremost factor to consider when buying a bathroom heater is human safety. Select a wall-mounted or ceiling heater that can be hardwired to existing wiring or has a dedicated safety plug. You should prefer a heater that comes with the ALCI safety plug which is a standard in the USA.

Type of Heater

Best Bathroom Heaters

Various types of heaters are available in the market. The size of your bathroom will help decide which heater will suit it. You will also need to consider whether you want a simple heater that helps you get rid of the chill or you want some luxury features as well. Certain basic types of heaters are described below:

Portable Heater

Portable heaters can be used in other rooms as well. As they do not require any installation, they are easy to set up. If you do not want a heater for using around the year and need it only in the winter, a portable heater is the best option.

The most important advantage of using a portable heater is that it can be placed where it is most needed. For instance, it can be positioned in a corner if you need heat in the whole bathroom or you can place it near your feet if you feel colder there.

Wall-Mountable Heater

Wall-mountable bathroom heaters are highly suitable for studio apartments and small spaces in your home or office. They are capable of heating a small area effectively without occupying any space on the floor.

Besides saving space, they are perfect for supplemental heating as well and are very quick to start. Most wall heaters take just 60 to 120 seconds to provide effective heating to a small bathroom. They are also easy to install and keep a space warm for quite some time after the unit is shut off. You will have many style and size options to choose from as well.

Ceiling Heater

Ceiling heaters are no doubt pricier, but they are the safest because they are placed away from water. They are a great resource of heat if you need permanent heating.

There are two broad categories of ceiling heaters: easy and tough installation devices. The easy installation models can often be placed in standard electrical boxes. They use the air inside the bathroom and warm it.

The tough installation models need experts to install, but their overall performance is much better. Unlike easy installation models, they often require air from the outside and need to be connected to a port for this purpose. They also need extensive wiring.

Heater with Exhaust Fan

The humidity level of a bathroom is much higher, and the steam also causes damage to walls. A heater in combination with an exhaust fan is a very nice solution to this problem. The exhaust pulls out the moisture, and the heater provides a warm stream of air.

Cost of Heating

For every budget-conscious customer, it is very important to know how much a bathroom heater will cost. The wall-mounted and portable heaters are relatively cheaper options. They will meet the heating requirements of a small bathroom easily, but for larger spaces, you will have to go for pricier ceiling heaters.

If ceiling heaters are costlier, they give more advantages too. They are safer than all other heaters because there is no chance of having contact with water. Furthermore, they provide more effective heating to a bathroom as compared to others.

Radiant floor heating is yet another option, which is the most expensive among all. The installation and maintenance cost of these heaters is fairly high, but this option is worth considering if your pocket allows due to the soothing warmth it provides. With a rise in temperature, the bathroom floors also remain dry.

Where to Place/Install Bathroom Heater

It is also important to consider where the heater will be positioned. It mainly depends on the available space. Let’s discuss the most suitable placement for each category.

Portable Heater

You do not need to think too much about the placement of these heaters. They are usually selected when the buyer does not intend to have a fixed heater, so they can be simply placed at a suitable place where they will not come in contact with water. One thing to keep in mind here is that they are not as waterproof as their fixed counterparts.

Ceiling Heater

Installing Ceiling Bathroom Heater

If you have a small bathroom and can’t find a suitable place on any wall to mount a heater, the ceiling heater is a much better option for you. The only extra effort will be to get an electric cable up to the heater, but that is worth doing because ceiling heaters are the safest option.

Wall Mounted

For small bathrooms, the wall-mounted heater is a good option because of its low cost and easy installation. While mounting it on the wall, you should check that it is not obstructed by any furniture or door.

Heater with Exhaust Fan

Before purchasing a heater with an exhaust fan, you should check whether proper ventilation is available in the bathroom as it will require a duct to expel moisture.

Heating Capacity

You must have a measurement of the bathroom you want heated. Many heaters can serve only small areas. Since heaters have a wattage capacity and estimated serving capability in terms of square feet, the correct knowledge of your requirements will enable you to select a suitable heater.

Bathroom Heater Buying Guide

The bathroom is one place in your home which enhances freshness and comfort, so all its accessories must be chosen carefully. A heater adds great comforting value in chilly weather, so its selection requires a bit more investment of your time. Here is a buying guide if you are looking for reliable and efficient bathroom heaters:

Efficient and Long-Term Usage

For selecting a heater which is efficient and supplies heat regularly, a heater that generates heat through radiation rather than convection will be a good choice. Let’s first know the difference: convection heaters warm the air in the space, while radiation heaters heat objects and people.

Radiant heaters are definitely more efficient because they minimize loss of heat through draughts and leakages. If you want to take full advantage of radiant heat, you should go for either infrared heaters or an under-floor heating system.

Programmable Heating Controls

Controls are necessary for your ease and safety. Many heaters come with built-in programmable controls like timers and overheating shut-off mechanism. People prefer a programmable controlling mechanism in their heaters because they want maximum customization so that they can have a fully prepared heating arrangement right when they wish to have a bath. All they have to do is to set their timers beforehand.

The system also conserves energy because it can be turned off when it is no longer required.


Safety comes first when selecting a bathroom heater because of the combination of electricity and water. For making a bathroom safer, it will be highly advisable to invest in a ceiling or wall-mounted model because it is highly unlikely that these units will get in contact with water.

While the best precaution is to keep the heater away from water, there are some other useful appliances as well which greatly mitigate the risks. Two of these are worth mentioning.

The first one is the ALCI plug, which is a standard safety item in the USA. Its mechanism checks the input and output of power and if any difference is detected, it turns off the system in milliseconds.

The other one is GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). This appliance is easily recognizable by the presence of a red reset and black test button. This system also senses a difference in power input and output and at a difference of 6 or more milliamperes, it shuts the power off.


Customization is the buzzword today, and technological advancement has provided opportunities galore so that each customer may enjoy a product according to their preferences. A bathroom heater is no exception. There are many heaters which can be turned off or on when desired with multiple heat settings and programmable thermostats.

While you will have to pay more for a heater with a thermostat, you will obtain a steady heat supply for a longer period. Additionally, multiple heat settings will provide you the comfort you desire.

Type of Heater According to Your Requirements

You have gone through various types of heaters in the previous section. You should match the features of a particular type with the space availability in your bathroom and your requirements so that you can end up with an appropriate heater which suits your wish list.

For instance, if you are intending to use the heater in other rooms besides your bathroom and do not want to pay any installation expenses, a portable heater will be the best choice. If you have ample wall space and want safety as well, you can go for a compact and slim wall-mounted heater. You can also find multifunctional heaters which have a fan, light and radiant heater in one. These overhead heaters do not occupy any floor space and are ideal for small households and studio apartments.

Safety Tips for Bathroom Heaters

The bathroom is one such place in your house where extra caution is required because it might be exposed to safety hazards for using an electric heater. Since a defective wiring or contact with water may cause accidents, it is wise to take all possible measures for safe heating in the bathroom. Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind:

Use a Heater That Is Suitable for the Bathroom: You must make sure that the unit you are purchasing is safe for your bathroom. This due diligence must be mandatory, especially in the case of portable heaters.

Use a Fire Extinguisher: Invest some money in a fire extinguisher and place it in the bathroom at an appropriate place. In case of an emergency fire due to short-circuit or overheating, it will be a great help.

Do Not Obstruct the Heater: The heater should be positioned such that it is safe from any obstruction. Wall-mounted heaters, for instance, should not be placed where they can be obstructed by a door or window. Moreover, no clothes or towels should be placed on portable heaters because they increase the chances of overheating.

Place Wall-Mounted Heaters at a Reasonable Height: You should always mount a wall heater at a height where it is difficult for others to reach it so that there are no chances of getting injured.

Do Not Place Heaters in a Damp Area: In the case of wall-mounted heaters, always take precaution to install them at a place which is not close to a damp area. For instance, never place a heater above the shower because it is moist and damp.

Purchase a Heater That Has Been Certified Safe: According to the US Department of Energy, buyers should check the product has been certified from a credible laboratory. An Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification is highly recommended.

How to Install a Bathroom Heater Without an Expert

A bathroom heater should always be installed by an expert technician, and you should never try it on your own just to save on installation cost. However, if you are determined to do it by yourself, we are providing some important tips that you should take into consideration when installing a heater in your bathroom:

  • The flow of warm air should not be blocked or else it might have dangerous repercussions.
  • Install a heater with a fan at a place where proper ventilation is ensured.
  • Place the heater (especially a ceiling one) where the necessary electrical circuitry is available.
  • Mount a wall heater over the top of the wall surface. This will save you from cutting into the wall, and the installation will also be simple.
  • Don’t allow a wall-mounted heater to protrude in the bathroom. To avoid this, you should choose a heater that can be placed between the studs in the wall.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bathroom Heater

Every type of heater has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must consider them according to your needs. Some disadvantages are pretty ordinary and can be foregone if a product offers benefits which offer greater value to you.

Portable heaters have a great advantage of being carried from one room to another easily. However, at the same time, they can be a dangerous option because of the likely exposure to moisture.

Wall-mounted heaters and ceiling heaters are relatively safer options as they are not easy to touch and also can’t come in contact with water. For wall heaters, however, there is a risk that if they are used in very humid conditions, a fire can break out due to a short circuit.

How Much does it Cost to Run a Bathroom Heater?

When buying a space heater for you bathroom you must look for the cost, how much energy it require to run the heater. One of the major cost for you is electricity bill, for how long your bathroom be heated you should calculate the cost of keeping the heater running.

Different heater have different outputs when thinking of bathroom heater and cost of running depend on the way you use your heater in bathroom, is it a small area or your bathroom has more space to heat it up. For heating small bathroom might cost you less while heating large bathroom might be costly.

Using an electric radiant floor heating system will cost you more if you using it for half an hour and shut it down after heater warmed up. Radiant floor heater takes up to 2 hour for the floor to be warm enough to start heating your bathroom. The more the heater running the more energy will be used and will cost you more. Besides, if you want your bathroom heated all the time then radiant floor heating system is best economical option for you.

While thinking of wall mounted or ceiling heater, it warm up the area instantly and cost you more if you running constantly. These heater warm up the air and blow it around the area where you install it. The only cons of these heater are they use a lot of energy and because of instant heating and cool down in no time when you turn off.

If you plan to running of these kind of heater in your home you must ensure all the other heating system in your home must be turn off to use these bathroom heating as a supplement heating, this will reduce your home heating bill.


Bathroom heaters are indispensable for every household. The market has plenty of these which come in various designs and styles. They also come in many types, from portable to wall-mounted and from ceiling to heater/exhaust fan options. You need to make a good assessment of all your needs including the space required, where you are going to place it and the budget you can set for it. Then, make an analysis about which type will serve your specific requirements.

There are also certain aspects that every buyer must know about before purchasing a bathroom heater. These relate to safety, energy efficiency and installation. You must take all factors into account. Go through the buying guide above so that you know how to go about the process.

It is quite evident from the reviews that there is a bathroom heater for every budget. Though cost is an important factor to consider when making a decision, you must consider all relevant factors before buying one.

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